the simple things (books) in life are often the best

“So let your light shine before men, so that they see your good works and glorify your Father in the heavens” (Matthew 5:16).

Went to my favourite Orthodox today and grabbed a few titles to add to the bookshelf. A couple of really deep pieces of reading and an incredibly practical tome “Practical Orthodoxy and Orthopraxia”. Skim read this one over lunch and would recommend it as a refresher to existing Orthodox; a kind of Catechism for the Catechised.

Much plain-spoken guidance on living in the world, fasts, prayer and sacraments and even a section highlighting differences between Orthodoxy and Rome. The book covers the key fasts of the Church, commemoration of the dead and much input to how the Christian should behave in the world.

I found a particularly simple wake up call in the section “On the Road at Work”. Obvious wisdom that usually flows over us as too much common sense fills the handful of pages.”. . . Their appearance is humble, their dress modest and dignified, their face joyous, their greeting extended to friends , and also to enemies, if they exist. . . “. This hits on some of my thoughts about evangelism as a way of life and not a soap box “. . . and when our life and our behaviour are seen by the people of the world, they are benefited and the name of God is glorified . . .”.

Similar straighforward advice given in the following pages around behaviour in the world. I found myself shocked at the simplicity of the truth in these pages yet am fully aware of the struggle to even maintain the simple without constant vigilance.

While short, simple and sweet I will keep this one in the luggage for when I need that “Back to Basics” pick me up when the mind wanders. Recommended.