south of the border

Another quick trip down to Melbourne for work. A hectic day with the travel included. Many thanks to my personal Taxi driver Nick (a fellow “altar boy”) who had the sense to ring the doorbell when I didn’t wake. Fastest shower and final pack I have ever done in my life and managed to get through security and run onto the plane.

Managed to get through the book “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer” on the flight down. Jury is still out on this one. I found the book an enjoyable read, and I think I have to have another skim through to gather up all the words of wisdom from the monastics on the Prayer itself. Perhaps I am looking for complexity where there is none, I just have to follow the plan and be patient that I have opened the connection to God.

An interesting side benefit, that I am not sure was anticipated, was the explanation of the preparation to visit many of the monastic communities. Apart from being a great encouragement to visit many of these communities it is packed with the trials and tribulations on organising a visitation to a monastery half way round the world where no-one really speaks english.

A good read regardless. Thinking that the secret to the Jesus Prayer is to prayer it, not read books about it :).