It has been some time since I was able to visit a church while on a business trip. This time was made possible by actually searching for a church before hand and being in the same country for the two week trip (most times this year I have had to travel on the weekend).

I stopped in at the Orthodox Community of St Andrew in Edinburgh once the taxi driver and google maps did their thing. A simple church in the ground floor of a regular looking building I was quite pleased when I arrived for Matins this morning (it is only during Bright Week back home we do Matins in the morning). The room quickly filled as Liturgy begun with an obvious mixture of ethnicities. Main liturgical language was english with some greek and occasional splashes of slavonic.

While I have always tried to put focus on prayer and spiritual reading while on business trips it was very refreshing to engage in corporate worship, even with a parish where I knew no-one. A great half way point to this trip and a kick well needed to get through to the bunch of plane rides coming up this Friday.