food, faith & fasting

I have for a long time enjoyed many of the Podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio, a hint you may have received looking down the side links on my Blog. Particularly while travelling I find these a great resource to fill you mind with spiritual things rather than a number of more harmful choices. Even when at home we have for some time replaced watching TV in bed before sleep with listening to the internet radio station put our by Ancient Faith.

Recently a new podcast appeared on eating in a spiritually minded manner. The presenter, Rita Madden, has a pleasant manner of presentation and packs in some good information into each episode. Packed with good ideas, and many patristic references (which certainly surprised me at first) she leaves the listener with one or two ideas for better health in each episode.

As someone who struggles with his weight (when your occupation glues your backside to a chair for around 14+ hours a day) I have found these thoughtful and sensitive and, well, actually useful without being extreme.

Have a listen, link from the picture below: