To Hallow God is to Regard Him as Holy and to Fear Him

In looking to fill up the Kindle on my last trip I came across a series of homilies on the Lord’s Prayer  (On the Lord’s Prayer  – St. Cyril of Alexandria) and found this snipper jump out at me. Have founding reading through these sermons (pretty much one on each line of the prayer) bring this critical prayer forward in mind from the familiarity of it’s repetition.

When therefore men say to the Father, “Hallowed be Thy Name,” remember, that among those who have not yet gained the light of truth, nor received the faith, the Name of God is despised. It does not yet seem to them to be holy, honorable, and adorable. But no sooner has the light of truth risen upon them, and they have with effort awoke as from some night and darkness, then learning Who and how great He is, they acknowledge Him as Holy of the Holies, and have correspondent sentiments and belief. But that the phrase, that God is hallowed by us, is a confession of our regarding Him as Holy of Holies, and does not bestow on Him any additional holiness, you may understand the following. One of the holy prophets said, “Hallow the Lord, and He shall be Your fear: and if you trust in Him, He shall be holiness unto you” (Is. 8:13). Do we then make God holy? Is it the act of human nature to bestow anything at all on God? Does the thing made benefit the Maker? Does any man imagine that He, Who of His fulness richly distributes unto the creature His gifts, will Himself receive anything at all of us, whose place it is to listen to the words of the blessed Paul, “And what do you have that you did not receive?” (1 Cor. 4:7). When, therefore, the prophet said, “Hallow the Lord, and He shall be your fear, and holiness unto you,” we affirm that what He teaches is, “Believe that He is holy, for then you will fear Him; and so He will thus be to you the means of holiness.”