anaphora (video)

Discovered this on youtube, our Metropolitan Hilarion presiding at a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the US. For many people this part of the service is not seen, but this part of the service is one of the most uplifting that I experience having the opportunity to serve in the altar (although rarely with a Bishop and this many clergy, and when we do it is a little cramped in our altar 😉 ). Also in English which is rare for me to experience in my parish.

From the video description: Consecration of the Holy Gifts during Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral Mayfield, PA 12/14/08. ROCOR First Hierarch Metropolitan Hilarion celebrated the Liturgy with newly consecrated Bishop George of Mayfield, Fr. John Sorochka, pastor, along with visiting clergy.