them tones

As someone with “signing as a second language” I have always struggled learning the 8 tones in the usage in our church. I did get an old tape borrowed off a former seminary student, but they were in Slavonic – this didn’t worry me as much but the instructions were in Russian, a little harder. I saw the following come through on an email list this week and am off to order myself a copy – the tones in English from Orthodox Christian Recorded Books

I haven’t looked at their site for a while, since I bought a copy of the entire Psalter read in english. They have even started to join the world of paid downloads (although not for this item) with a neat handful of talks and prayers available. Check it out. Description from the site below . . .

ToneTutor 101 – An Audio Course in the Eight Tones of the Russian Orthodox Church

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the eight tones of the Russian Orthodox Church, now you can!  ToneTutor 101 gives you private lessons in the comfort of your home or car.  Experienced chanters walk you through the melody line of the tones, one musical phrase at a time, with quizzes along the way to check your progress.

  • Examples by both male and female chanters
  • The most advanced course of its kind – over 9 hours of audio content
  • Entirely audio-based – learn in your car or while you work!
  • Includes the 30-minute ToneTutor 101 Refresher Course comprised of four-part choral examples

Based on the time-tested system used at Holy Trinity Seminary in New York, ToneTutor 101 is an effective tool to help you master the tones and have fun doing so. Whether you’re a beginning chanter or an experienced choir director, ToneTutor 101 was created with you in mind.