It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile between posts. Surprisingly not because of incessant world travel in locations with internet access via a wet piece of string. Work has been busy but closer to the soul has the hectic traffic been.

On Saturday the 5th of November I was ordained to the Diaconate, something that had perhaps been on the agenda for a bit (already being a subdeacon possibly gave that away even to me) but nonetheless inspired much contemplation, preparation and focus that took time away from the keyboard (well, more time away from the keyboard given I work on one!!!!)

When I was informed of the time our Bishop would be coming and things sunk it began to become a constant reminder in my day. The thought of upcoming ordination seemed to pop into my head at random moments (better than the random drivel that wanders around there) and cause me to ponder.

Not long after I discovered that the Kursk Root Icon would be visiting the country at the same time and would be at the service I would be ordained. As the moment got closer it grew larger in my mind; but not really in a fearful way, I suppose I could only describe this as awe.

I have been serving now for a month and while I feel that I will be forever a learner it is a becoming a little less nerve-racking each service.

Tomorrow I head for the US for a business meeting followed by a few days off where I am heading to the cold top of New York State to visit our monastery and seminary there. Once more, God willing, adventure awaits.

Deacon Andrew