Bigger than Texas

A couple of hours to spare before the plane to Boston here in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth Airport). This is my first time in the state of Texas but I can recommend this route to the east coast. Airports are no fun at the best of times but DFW is smooth as silk compared to LAX. Really really big too, got on the train to go to the terminal for my connecting flight and saw the immense space allocated to this terminal.

Fantastic time to be visiting Texas, more BBQ & Steak Restaurants in one terminal that I suspect the whole of Australia and we are right in the middle of the Nativity Fast!!!

For once I got a bit of sleep on the flight, feeling not too shabby although definitely in need of a shower (or ten). Get in to Boston tonight and settle in for a week of work at Head Office then a short diversion to upstate New York to visit Holy Trinity Monastery.

Nothin is bigger than Texas!

Glory to God for all things!