Do “we” really want the world to crumble??

With the world economic situation looking unpleasant at best (did the GFC actually finish) and focus at the moment on Europe I have been reading about western news reports beefing up the negativity of the situation in Russia with footage from the previous riots in Athens, Greece.

Now the Greek situation caused enough fun in our household. My Father-In-Law (Greek) has a subtle ( 😉 ) opinion or so on the conspiracy of the world against the good people of Greece that defies the logic of fiscal management. Sure early retirements with hefty pensions and a public service spending more than the country can bear have some impact (apparently) but it is all a big conspiracy. Now back to somewhere closer to reality.

The financial universe has imploded over the last few years triggered by swapping and betting on funny money. The US was bludgeoned to a shadow of it’s former self domestically Europe took a complete beating. Now we have the focus back on Europe as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal are on the edge of some kind of collapse and the EU politicians are dancing around trying to carve out this weeks band-aid.

During this economic dance (and some believe as another side effect) we have seen the so-called “Arab Spring”. This is not apparently a new high performance shock absorber coming from the middle-east, rather the spate of civil rebellions across several countries in the Middle East this year. I was in Dubai during an escalating part of the situation in Egypt and the Al-Jazeera footage every day was frightening. While I can understand that these governments have done “wrong” in some way or other but the human rational answer to fling the situation 180 degrees never turns out well. Libya was an even scarier version of this event with the countries former leader dragged into the street and shot within such a short time of capture. Also, there has been widespread discrimination against Christians along with much of this “Springing”

Some western observers (media, politicians) have been pointing to Russia for a while indicating that the “Arab Spring” phenomenon was heading there next. Not an expert on Russian politics by any means but I was not aware of a dictatorship there. It seems that the media recently stepped this up by cutting footage from Athens into the Moscow reports.

This leads me to wonder if “we” – predominately the countries not in complete chaos – are actually wanting other competitive countries to fall into complete chaos as a manner of covert subjugation. With some of this media work maybe they aren’t trying to hide it anymore. While the political situation in Russia may not be perfect (it may be far from perfect, my first hand knowledge here is lacking) I feel that it is not within the benefit of the world to “poke the bear” hoping for another revolution.

I pray that the growth in faith of the Russian orthodox people over the years since the collapse of communism bring strength and stability in the region. If anything the display of everyday Russians coming to venerate the Kursk Root Icon on it’s visits or the more recent visit of the Sash of the Theotokos gives hope.

Save, O Lord, Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance; grant Thou victory to Orthodox Christians over enemies; and by the power of Thy Cross do Thou preserve Thy commonwealth. (Troparion to the Cross)