Jingle Bell Rock

Breakfast time across the Charles River from bustling Boston and I extract myself from the land of jetlag and head across the road to my usual bagel haunt. (yes, I love bagels). Sitting amongst university students and tutors with IQ’s larger than most peoples bank balances within throwing distance of Harvard & MIT can be somewhat daunting when your mind is obscured by clouds.

However, against the tirades of political correctness the in-store stereo blurts out a handful of Christmas hits which brings back a little bit of faith in the general populace of this great land. Enough at least to help me get through this litre of coffee that they call “small”.

Now, which one of these intelligent folks can help me polish off my New Testament assignment for next week?????


One thought on “Jingle Bell Rock

  1. Update. Coffee nearly complete but a very bright a capella “Deck the Halls” might be a little too much for this poor brain!!!

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