Can’t slow down

I feel like I have been on a continuous roller coaster ride for the last three to four months, certainly since my ordination to the Diaconate. Then came a business trip to the US, sneaking up to Jordanville, heading back straight into the feast of the Nativity and some hectic periods at the office.

Now am staring down the barrel of trying to finish a pile of work before Wednesday to have Thursday off for the Feast of Theophany.

Then, my wife and I head off for a non-work related mission (SHOCK, HORROR, DISBELIEF). It is one of these strange things call a vacation (yes, more SHOCK, HORROR, DISBELIEF). One of the rare times I get on a plane that is not for work.

I feel very tired at present and need this break to refresh. It also has the attraction of being away from mobile phone coverage (I can hear my wife celebrating from here) and in a surrounding that shows the incredible beauty of God’s creation.

The tiredness is of my own making. Choices of when to do what, prioritise this over that, next thing you know your routine is out the window and your brain is melting. People being people cut deeper than usual and you hear more than perhaps was actually there; and even when you are sure it is there we all control our own reactions.

Time to be thankful very much for what I have and use the energy to build my life more for the glory of my Saviour than for any of my obtuse plans. Roll with it dude.