Where the Gospel Begins

A very clarifying discussion of the Gospel presentation, speaking not just about the words written in the first 4 books of the New Testament, but living in the tradition of those “spiritually descended” from the Apostles and uncovered in reading the Old Testament in light of the New.

Glory to God for All Things

Where does the Gospel begin – how do we tell the story of Christ?

This question may seem too obvious to require an answer. However, it is increasingly relevant in what some describe as a “post-Christian” era. This reality came home to me years ago, during the first year of my ordained ministry. A woman began attending the Church where I served and presented herself for Baptism. Our conversation quickly turned to her background, what she knew and believed and what would need to be done in preparation for her entry into the Church. To my surprise, she had no knowledge of God in particular and only a vague sense of who Jesus was. “I know he was an important religious figure,” she explained.

She had not grown up in the American South (a region known as the “Bible Belt”). She was from Hawaii, part of an American military family…

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