looking out my back door

No, this is not a Creedance Clearwater Revival CD review from 30 years ago . . .

. . . but a contemplation of taking care of those of God’s people surrounding our local area.

For some time I have been struggling in contemplation of how many Orthodox parishes focus their attention; be it on evangelism, charity or fund-raising. We are often passing around the hat for a worthy cause in our jurisdiction’s motherland, or for our jurisdiction’s synod support and many other worthwhile causes.

Our parish in particular supports some of our local monasteries (well, 6 hours drive is local) and this is not where my confusion lies. Are we feeding the poor who surround us, are we driving hard for the understanding of our faith within our existing parish.

Although the universe of the “disapora” has forever been a confusion of jurisdictions, the original purpose of the church in one area is to look after the souls in that particular area. What can we do to focus more of our attention on those souls looking for Christ at our back door?