lag(ging) behind

Maybe I am just getting old but jet lag is becoming just a little bit harder to recover from trip by trip. No doubt it is also my weekends being a little busier to take time out to prepare for services since my ordination to the diaconate. Regardless of the reason two trips in two weeks has caused a surreal numbness to the first few days of this week.

There have been a number of almost out of body experiences; I think of them more like “remote control experiences” where I intend to do something to the point of almost seeing myself doing them while being welded to a chair a moving not even an eyelid. The buzz from coming from plane to Divine Liturgy faded in the afternoon, even after a pleasant communal lenten meal in our church hall. Straight into work the next day.

I was relying on “tactics” devised for my busy travel schedule to remind me of spiritual responsibilities even when back home, which seemed obtuse to me. Being home is usually the sanctuary, the little church, where solace can be found.

All of these are merely observations as my life is truly blessed. Just a reminder that you need to remain focused on what is important when travelling, busy, or walking like a zombie. Now I have reached the middle of the week things appear much clearer and balanced; so far.

So remember folks, make sure to get your rest, always eat your vegetables and brush twice to be sure. Our Lord needs soldiers who are ready for battle, not grumpy zombies!

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me