a more orthodox logos

I have been a user of the bible study software logos for some time now. First, back when I was protestant I used it as a tool for putting together bible studies and for some study that I did. More recently (a year or two back when I started looking to take an Orthodox Theology course) I purchased a version to help prepare for exams and write essays.

Given that the market for the software would mostly be evangelical protestant there was little Orthodox material save for a pack of Early Church Fathers. More recently I purchased the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture – and I am glad I did as it doesn’t seem to be sold by them anymore.

This, along with more translations of the scriptures than one would of thought possible still makes it quite a powerful package, once I worked out how to narrow the searches down to a collection of texts that were Orthodox in nature.

Today I got a delightful surprise in my inbox to find another set of Orthodox literature in pre-publication, 10 volumes of the Popular Patristics Series published by St Vladimir’s Seminary Press. I do own many of these in paperback but it will be a welcome addition to the searchable material. I also am waiting since late last year for the Works of St. Cyril of Alexandria to be completed.

Logos is a very powerful tool, and citing passages from it in essays can be quite easy once you get the hang of it. If you cut & paste in the write way into MS-Word, the footnotes instantly pop into the footer of the document.

We seem finally to be getting more Orthodox material in electronic formats from many publishers. i am soon going to put together a list of what I have found so far for my Kindle in case others are interested.