electronic prayer book (slavonic)

Recently I tripped over the following application and threw it straight onto my iPhone. The practicalities of reading a prayer rule on a gadget with a small screen may be up for debate but I like to remove any and every excuse that the demons can throw into my mind.

On my phone I have morning, evening and pre-communion prayer rules as audio files (english and Church Slavonic) and various PDF’s I have popped into iBooks.

This particular App humbly called “Prayer Book” in Russian has prayers in Russian and Church Slavonic font and includes Morning and Evening Prayers, numerous canons and akathist’s ( as would be used in preparation for Communion ) as well as pre & post Communion Prayers along with the Hours and Canon of Pascha.

Combining the Canon’s with an Akathist in preparation for Communion could be a little difficult with the user interface, as you would have to slide back and forth and each time you go into a prayer it resets the position to the top.

However, it is free and another opportunity to avoid leaving your prayer book behind!

You can get this App for free,  for iOS devices from iTunes and for Android devices from the Android market.