some hours of scriptural overview

I have been a long time listener and fan of Ancient Faith Radio, both from listening to the streams at home and packing the phone full of podcasts for travel. Often I don’t check out their website regularly enough, relying on the internet radio to play the streams and the pc to download the podcasts already subscribed. One area that I then particularly miss are the specials; AFR will periodically post recordings of lectures and conferences from talented speakers. Rarely do we have (or have publicised / recorded) these items down under and they make great travel fodder.

One more recent pickup of mine was this set of scriptural overviews done by Fr Thomas Hopko who I find very easy to listen to and quite entertaining (as well as informative). This particular special hosted by the Orthodox Institute 2011 was entitled “Scripture Through the Lens of the Holy Land”.

Around five hours of lectures on the Gospel’s and Epistles plus a keynote and a homily. Recommended.