not getting what you want, ask for equality

Once again I made the mistake of having the morning news programs on as my wife and I bumbled around to acclimatise ourselves to this morning called Saturday. I was presented with an interview on a hot new play that has world wide appeal from the US. In the US version a myriad of the world’s hottest celebs jumped on it’s bandwagon. The play refers to the battle for same sex marriage in the state of California.

Although we are now not allowed to call the request “Same Sex Marriage” it is now marriage equality. Am all for equality in the eyes of the law, but not so in line for the possible future ramifications of this. In Australia, it would be just as easy to say that whoever you live with for over 6 months is your defacto and has the same legal rights to property etc. But no, society wants the whole deal.

We are heading down a path where the word “Tolerance” is being redefined as “complete acceptance and required participation” with “Free Speech” wandering closely towards becoming “the act of preaching sermons of tolerance”. For a more balanced, less ranting expose on this one have a look at this article by Fr Andrew Damick.

But back to the issue, not the world that is dancing with it, there have been some quality podcasts on the issue from an Orthodox perspective including a recent broadcast on call in program Ancient Faith Today, two episodes of Steve the Builder (one and two) and these lectures from Fr Tom Hopko (one and two).

No surprises that we should see everybody as an individual person with their own story, and we all live with a multitude of sins and should not cast judgement on others. Sometimes we may find this hard to do but there are some great pieces of advice in the podcasts above, as the world and the devil are always there to provide you with advice to the contrary.

The position of the Orthodox Church on these matters is quite clear, and as usual very loving. To me this issue is just the latest in the world series of materialistic bombardments serving to erode Christendom. Prepare yourselves people. The train keeps coming.