again with the equality waffle

Wandering through the emails again today and trip over some propaganda for a day of support for marriage equality. I will not re-iterate all my comments mentioned here and waste bytes in the interweb.

This particular barrage from the Wobbly Army of Tolerance has roped in a popular breakfast television program and a fashion magazine to support this cause directly. Particularly from the program’s perspective – this is a walk from a balanced perspective on an issue to putting their foot squarely in the Wobbly Army’s camp.

The calling cries for this event are:

“The majority of Australians want to end marriage discrimination and believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to wed.” and  “Denying some Australians the right to marry fuels discrimination and prejudice. Marriage equality for all Australians is long overdue.”

Why is not having the right to marry discrimination? As mentioned previously, I am all for people, regardless of whether I agree with their lifestyles, to be treated equally in regards to access to financial equality etc – treated like any other defacto relationship. Some courts have already decreed that same-sex marriage is not a fundamental human right – I am not even sure that marriage is a “right” under any circumstances.

My faith endears me not to judge others, and I see myself as the chief of sinners. I bear no malice to many of those who honestly wish their lifestyle to be enhanced by marriage. I cannot however, agree with you.

I am now off to make a cup of tea and delete a channel from my TV, watched too much of that rubbish in the morning anyway I suppose. Sorry Mel & Kochie, but you have joined the wobbly army, so I am leaving the Sunrise Family.