should we worry about the equality waffle?

Last night I listened to an interesting new perspective on the “marriage equality debate” mentioned in my posts here and here. The forum was the live call-in program on Ancient Faith Radio, Ancient Faith Today, hosted by Kevin Allen. His guests were Father John Whiteford, an American priest from our jurisdiction and Dr David Dunn, a lay theologian. The topic for the program was Same-Sex Marriage: Separation of Church-State Issue, or a Moral Problem We Must Oppose?.

Dr Dunn has come under fire for his article here where he seems to propose that a civil marriages are not the same as Church Sacramental Marriages and therefore, well, kinda “Why me worry?”.

I encourage you all to listen to this discussion as it outlines the difficulty of dealing with the sudden onslaught of tolerance related injuries to our faith, while still maintaining the love of Christ that is required of us. There was a typical US flavour to all this given the separation of Church & State built into the constitution over there.

Father John put some very interesting points across, respectfully so but firmly. I found Dr Dunn to be overly flexible in his responses which, in my opinion, left things open to an influx of jabber at times.

It seems to all boil down to whether we think it is the Churches mandate to take a stand at the changing of this definition, even if we may not have to adhere to it “inside the dome”.

There are already examples where, in places where same-sex marriage has been legalised, Churches have faced discrimination on the reverse because of their belief in the definition of marriage created by God. In some Euro countries it looks to become illegal to not marry a gay couple, and in Canada Churches have been restricted from renting hall space if they refuse to rent it out to gay wedding receptions.

The wobbly army of tolerance again marches forward to a theatre near you.

Listen to this, it is coming here soon.