A Hierarch Resigns

Very recently posted on the website of the Orthodox Church of America is news of the resignation of it’s First Hierarch, Metropolitan Jonah. The text of the letter I have pasted below and there is a link to a scanned of the original on their site also.

Not being that close to the OCA I can’t comment about his pros and cons as a Hierarch. Most of his positions, statements and comments publicly felt quite refreshing to me personally. I have heard several talks both before and after he was consecrated to the episcopate and never felt the slightest wobbly in the belly as my “eek-ometer” went off.

But some in the US have told me he was a little less conciliar than desired, and there has been obvious amounts of public slanging over the last few years. Things seemed a little quiet over there lately. No doubt there will be more comment early and waffle over the coming days.

He, and indeed the OCA, need our prayers at this time.

Text of the letter:

“To the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America,


“As per your unanimous request, as conveyed to me by Chancellor Fr. John Jillions, I hereby tender my resignation as Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, and humbly request another Episcopal assignment.

“I had come to the realization long ago that that I have neither the personality nor the temperament for the position of Primate, a position I never sought nor desired.

“It is my hope that due consideration will be made for my financial situation, both in any interim and in consideration for any future position. I am the main financial support for both my parents and my sister, beyond my own needs.

“I will appreciate your consideration in this, and beg forgiveness for however I have offended you, and for whatever difficulties have arisen from my own inadequacies and mistakes in judgment.

“Asking your prayers, I remain faithfully yours,

“Metropolitan Jonah, Archbishop of Washington”