Hymn of the Cherubim – music for your soul

If you are in Sydney in August you must come and experience beautiful Russian Sacred music performed by incredible voices in two venues – on the 3rd and 5th of August. I have to admit that I am biased intensely to one of the venues as it is our Parish.

The concert is being directed by our Parish Choir Conductor, Andrei Laptev (OK – admission of more bias, and we have the same name!!), who has an intense passion for not only the music but it’s history and context. Tickets for the concert can be obtained at this link.

And if you are not in Sydney, or indeed Australia, you can buy one of their CD’s here:

From the concert promo information:

Under the direction and with music chosen by Andrei Laptev, this concert will include:-

  • Early Polychoral music by Titov.
  • Italianate Russian Baroque vocal concerti by Bortniansky.
  • Beautiful Sacred music from the Romantic period by Tchaikovsky.
  • Music from the “Moscow School” of Chesnokov & Kalinnikov.

Tragically most of this music was banned from performance in the USSR for most of the 20th Century and we are delighted to be discovering and sharing this beautiful and moving vocal experience in the atmospheric setting of the Holy Protection Orthodox Church at Cabramatta and the grand St Stephen’s Uniting Church Macquarie Street, Sydney.