new AFR app

Ancient Faith Radio have released an improved mobile app for listening to their radio streams. In April this year when they updated their streams the previous app stopped working and I wrote a note to them asking “Wasssup”. It was a very simple app, but it worked (simple + work = I like).

Their Operations Manager, Bobby Maddex kindly wrote me back “The good news is that we already have a new app in development that will allow you to stream the stations, play
the podcasts, and more. Look for it later this spring”.

Well, here it is!

The app gives the usual access to the “Talk” and “Music” stations, along with access to the podcasts and specials.

Not only listening but the app allows you to share what you have enjoyed via email, Twitter or Facebook. It is up and running on all my iOS devices now and I will follow up with info after a few days of pounding. For those who are Android owners, there is a version there also.

You can access the download page for iOS and Android here.