a (Kindle) Psalter for Prayer

A Psalter for Prayer: David Mitchell James (Translator) – or it’s slightly longer official title – A Psalter for Prayer: An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation, Augmented by Prayers and Instructional Material Drawn from Church Slavonic and Other Orthodox Christian Sources [Kindle Edition].

I first picked up a copy of this on my visit to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville late 2011, and sent a box of copies home for our Church Bookstore. I had heard much about the Miles Coverdale Translation that were positive (although not very specific) but the main draw for me was the plethora of additional information included on reading the Psalter as part of a prayer rule, reading the Psalter for the departed and other wisdom from the Fathers.

I accidentally tripped over it searching for a few other books on Amazon (actually via my Kindle which surprises me even more that it came up on the search) and downloaded the sample immediately to check it out. This may seem a little skeptical given my positive thoughts above but a great book isn’t instantly a great eBook. I am not super fussy on this front, but at a minimum their needs to be a table of contents with reasonable granularity. This is fine in the Psalter for Prayer, and I bought it soon after. The TOC has the Kathisma and individual Psalm level including the supplementary material.

One of the reasons I liked the original paper version of this book was the good solid “Altar Sized” (euphemism for Needs A Bookstand) format and well printed interior. This doesn’t help you for travel purposes. The Kindle version solves that. If you have a different eBook Reader you can buy from Holy Trinity Publications electronic distributor in Mobipocket and EPUB format.

Highly Recommended.