joy of pilgrimage

Often when we talk about pilgrimage the conversation turns to large scale events; heading off to the Holy Land for that once in a lifetime experience or a journey to the mother land of ones jurisdiction (Russia, Greece, Serbia etc). All these are excellent adventures but we have many more opportunities to travel to those thin places closer to us.

Once a year, for example, out parish takes a group of children to our monasteries here in NSW. These are incredible opportunity to extract oneself from the world and worship with a group of monastics that focus their life to the heavens every day.

There are many of these places all round the world, so there is no end of choice. I was encouraged by the video below of the re-initiation of an old tradition in the US of the pilgrimage to a monastery on US Memorial Day. It only takes a long weekend to escape from the world and dedicate some quality time to your soul.

Where could you go?