This experience of being in the midst of the Kingdom while being in the midst of the darkness and tragedy of human suffering and death is that experience of the new life which is with us here and now just as we are in the grip of despair and pain.

Glory to Jesus Christ!


By Ms. Inga Leonova

Every semester my students who are studying architecture of sacred spaces come to hear my priest, Father Robert Arida, talk to them about the notion of sacred space in Orthodoxy. One year he was talking to them about the “expansion” of sacred space – how our liturgical celebrations are transforming physical space into the Kingdom of Heaven, how our participation in the mysteries brings the world into the Church and the Church into the world.

The concept may seem abstract and difficult to grasp intellectually, but it is one that can be experienced. To me, it comes alive in the act of bringing Communion to those who are sick and infirm and cannot come to Liturgy. Being bilingual I am sometimes asked to assist when our clergy takes Communion to the Russian speakers. And it is then and there, in the squalor of old people’s dwellings…

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