Jordanville needs your help

Via a number of emails and social media posts overnight I have learned that Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville is having (as many of the world is) financial difficulties at this time. They are in need of urgent financial support to attend to critical repairs in the monastery and seminary.

Holy Trinity Monastery is the oldest ROCOR monastery and also the central monastic community to our jurisdiction, founded in 1928 in upstate New York. It has trained a great many of our clergy and is a great place for pilgrimage. I was blessed to visit there late last year and enjoy the services (and take an exam which was successful if not so enjoyable ;)).

At the moment, our church Fund for Assistance is also matching dollar for dollar the first $50,000 USD. Their message from the website is below. Please assist where you can.

New York – While all eyes are focused on Hurricane Sandy, another emerging catastrophe calls for our special consideration in helping our fathers and brethren at the Holy Trinity Monastery. This venerable ROCOR institution, founded in 1928, has touched the lives of countless monks, seminarians, pilgrims, and other Orthodox faithful. The time I spent in 1982 as a “summer boy” was spiritually transforming, serving as an anchor in the midst of turbulent teenage years. My father has also found his resting place among the other 1,500 Orthodox colleagues in Christ at the monastery’s unique cemetery.

I visited the monastery earlier this week in order to review the endowment and scholarship funds provided by the FFA earlier this year. I was shocked to learn that the monastery is now under severe financial difficulty on the back of two major developments:

1) Environmental: all the heating oil tanks used for heating have had to be urgently replaced. Initial works were completed, but do not yet meet required standard due to a lack of sufficient funds. Failure to complete these works in time could result in a fine levied by the New York Environment Commission of $37,000 per day!

2) Infrastructure: the plumbing (including septic tank) and electricity in the main building (“bratskij korpus”) requires urgent replacement. When the founding monks built this complex in the 1950s, they did what they could with the materials they could afford. Unfortunately, the pipes are literally disintegrating (see photos). Given the cold winter approaching, this could spell disaster unless they are urgently replaced, at a cost the monastery cannot afford. The electricity is in a similar state of affairs – the reliable contractor of many years refuses to do any more service work without replacement of all wires, panels, and infrastructure. Lastly, the kitchen requires replacement in order to accommodate increasing requirements and rotting floor.