reclaiming arithmetic

Recently a bombardment of facebook profile pictures and internet rhetoric have been flying around showing a pink equals sign “=” on a red background supposedly to represent the same-sex position on the newly branded “marriage equality” bandwagon. Last week, my friends across the pond in the NZ parliament signed into law the ability for same-sex couples to get married which sparked the obvious “we are lagging behind” debate including wobbly arguments about Australia losing “precious tourist dollars in the gay community” to the NZ economy.

Have raised my concerns a few times before and will not banter again, but the ramifications of reverse bigotry are alive and well in countries that have passed similar laws. Churches forced to marry same-sex couples, churches forced to have receptions of same-sex couples in their halls and photgraphers sued over not wanting to take the assignment to shoot a wedding even after providing an alternative.

My facebook profile picture response is below. The only true equality is in Christ after we have shed our pride and demands for rights and material connections.

As always, prayer is needed.