time to shed

This is an interesting and difficult post for me to write. For as many years as I can remember I have been heavier than I would like to be. With the exception of a health scare in 2008 I have never been able to drop weight significantly for any period of time. There were also a couple of periods in my life where, due to injury, I took a polite jump in weight due to inactivity which didn’t help much.

My job doesn’t help in this respect either. I essentially sit on my backside for more than twelve hours a day on calls, meetings, video, email etc and movement is limited. Of course, the corporation I work for isn’t sitting over my head enforcing laziness and lack of movement, to the contrary there are a myriad of health initiatives freely offered that disappear between breaks in discussions.

Late in 2013 I challenged myself to get moving more in some ways to prepare and survive the next Great Lent. Large man and prostrations do not make a great mixture and I was hoping to drop a few pounds and strengthen the legs up in preparation rather than feeling like a cripple by Pascha. Then I tweaked my knee on an overseas trip and after physiotherapy and almost getting better super-tweaked it again to the point where I could barely walk for a week.

Now I am facing the possibility of knee surgery (one of the previous incidents that packed on the pounds) and really need to look at things critically. While not moving around so much I am replacing one meal a day with one of those horrid protein shakes which is not sustainable but I needed to do something first before thinking too much.

A few weeks of pondering down the tracks I have decided to treat this condition for what I think it really is. An addiction to eating. I searched out some material and found the book Breaking the Chains by Victor Mihailoff and put myself back in a rhythm of actually looking at this spiritually and working at prayer and constant review of myself in attitude as well as on the scales. I have dragged out Rita Madden’s Food Faith & Fasting podcast to revise regularly in parallel.

This is going to be a long haul mixed with a hectic work year and possibly some surgery. With God’s help hopefully I can become a shadow of my former self and be more helpful to Him.