couple of weeks – proportional response

Found myself in a crazy couple of week spiral that would challenge the strongest of wills, let alone mine. On my way to Singapore for a week of customer and management meetings, back in Australia just in time for a wedding only to wake up the next morning and head off for knee surgery. Perhaps the first wedding I have been to where I will not be touching a celebratory drink so I am in fair shape for the operation.

I came across some prayers for those who are sick last week and tripped over a “Prayer before an operation” no doubt meant to be inserted at the end of a molten or prayer service for the sick. I felt quite pathetic reading this prayer ahead of my knee surgery particularly when I came across the following “granting that he may so endure his sufferings in the flesh that the wounding of his body may serve for the correcting and salvation of his soul”. My goodness.

To start with, as I noted here, this surgery is really self induced. I have not looked after my weight for many a year making my general life and service to the church harder and prone to illness and injury such as that which sends me to the surgeon again now. Sure, life is a little more difficult when you have to hobble around and the simplest things are more difficult and some things are just off the agenda. But I think of the rise to near epidemic proportions of cancer in our society (looking at my prayer list for those who are ill and how many are suffering from this) or at my new friends at our Orthodox Mission in Pakistan who face regular investigation from secret police just for feeding the hungry, and well, doing what Christ asked of us.

Everything in proportion I think. So while I ask God for mercy in my upcoming operation there is a strong need to put this in perspective. The White House would call this a “Proportional Response” but only if it was about whether to fire 10 missiles or 15.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.