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Booting up my laptop this morning I was pleasantly surprised by a 200+ MB download when I opened Logos Bible Study Software. One of my pre-ordered packs came in with a giant slab of Orthodox Literature. This was one of the more expensive packs I have bought, around $230 USD, however it included 32 books from Ancient Faith Publishing (previously concilliar press).

I probably own close to half of these in paper format already, but having them inside Logos, added to my collections list searchable across key resources, and with links to scriptural references.

Now I have a little bit of fun adding the myriad of new “toys” to the right collections. It is a better problem to have than not having the data in the first place 😉

I am now looking forward to the other pre-orders that I have placed back in time including works of St John of Kronstadt, The Rudder, Octoechos and much more.

As mentioned in a previous post, keep an eye on the twitter feed @LogosOrthodox for more information. I heard on Ancient Faith Radio a few weeks ago that Logos has employed someone specifically to managed the Orthodox requirements for their system so that is great news indeed. This with more and more evangelicals looking into Church History and the Church Fathers gives us greater and more systematic access for research, study and contemplation.



2 thoughts on “bombarded by futher logos orthodoxy

  1. Hey Andrew,

    I’m actually the product manager for Orthodox resources at Logos. I’m glad you’re enjoying our Orthodox offerings, and I’m excited that we have more on the way! Thanks for your plug, and let me know if you have any questions any time. You can find me over on my personal blog:

    In peace,

  2. Hi Gabe,

    More than happy to give you and the company the plug. I have been a Logos User for many years, repurchasing again after a break when I became Orthodox and really did not see much other than the Church Fathers Library that was of an Orthodox Flavour. I am really enjoying the last 2 versions (4 & 5) and the content that has been trickling in.

    Some of my delight may be a little selfish 😉 – obviously the more orthodox users the more content I will eventually get. Thanks for stopping by.

    In Christ, Deacon Andrew

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