Edifying eBooks (aka spiritual Kindle fodder)

I am always on the lookout for electronic fodder for my Kindle & iPad when travelling, to have some edifying books on hand to fill the soul on long flights or spare slabs of time at airports and hotel nights away from home. The list of Orthodox eBooks is not large, fortunately some publishers (such as Conciliar Press) are finally seeing the merit of this format which is positive, but searching on some keywords can hold you in a lost loop of Amazon searches wasting hours of good reading time.

On this page I will slowly be adding those Orthodox eBooks I have found in my searches and my thoughts on them, as I comment on them on the blog. 

1) Go Forth! Stories of Missions and Resurrection in Albania by Fr Luke Veronis – The book is presented as a diary of Fr Luke’s mission work in Albania, but much easier to read than many books I have read in this style. In only a few short chapters my eyes were opened and heart shocked at what he walked into and also the challenges and fruit of what it was to become. The challenges and achievements are put  in a greater perspective as you turn the pages. There are gems in this book that give strength and perspective to all aspects of our life particularly struggles, that are worth it irrespective of interest in the topic of evangelism My full comments from the blog post here.

2) Bringing Jesus to the Desert (Ancient Context, Ancient Faith) by Brad Nassif & Gary M. Burge – This is by no means and exhaustive treatise on the Desert Fathers, it is an introductory text; but a better one than many I have in my bookshelf. While introductory and high level it walks through sharing with us the existence of these prayerful men and women of the early church and gives an understanding of their times, their struggles and their faith. There are short extracts from the lives of these holy people, and throughout the book the Authors also include hints and expansions on how we can take lessons from the desert, even without a leaning towards the monastic life. My full comments from the blog post here.

3) A Psalter for Prayer: David Mitchell James (Translator) or it’s slightly longer official title – A Psalter for Prayer: An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation, Augmented by Prayers and Instructional Material Drawn from Church Slavonic and Other Orthodox Christian Sources [Kindle Edition]. The main draw for me was the plethora of additional information included on reading the Psalter as part of a prayer rule, reading the Psalter for the departed and other wisdom from the Fathers. The table of contents has the Kathisma and individual Psalm level in addition to the supplementary material. One of the reasons I liked the original paper version of this book was the good solid “Altar Sized” (euphemism for Needs A Bookstand) format and well printed interior. This doesn’t help you for travel purposes. The Kindle version solves that. If you have a different eBook Reader you can buy from Holy Trinity Publications electronic distributor in Mobipocket and EPUB format. My full comments from the blog post here.


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