amongst the bees

As part of her recent speaking tour of Australia, Frederica Matthews-Green visited Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Monastery, Bombala. She has recorded an interview with Father Marcarius talking about the Monastery and his journey to Orthodoxy and monasticism.

You can find the interview here on Ancient Faith Radio.


a documentary

Documentary film about the annual St. Vladimir’s day celebrations at St. Vladimir Memorial Church to the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia in Jackson, NJ.

PRODUCER: Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese of ROCOR

Mount Athos documentary

Given their (understandable) aversion to journalism and video cameras I haven’t found much documentary wise of quality regarding the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos. There was a US 60 minutes documentary a while back (see here) but this one runs for nearly an hour and gives some insight into life there; although focusing much on the “art and sculpture” at times. Tripped over while on a YouTube hunt for someone. One day, I might get myself there.

Enjoy – “Mount Athos – The Holy Mountain”

mid-week sojourn

Let us glorify the Master Craftsman for all that has been done wisely and skillfully, and from the beauty of the visible things let us form an idea of him who is more than beautiful. And from the greatness of these perceptible and circumscribed bodies let us conceive of him who is infinite and immense and who surpasses all understanding in the plenitude of his power. For even if we are ignorant of things made, yet at least that which in general comes under our observation is so wonderful that even the most acute mind is shown to be at a loss as regards the least of the things in the world, either in the ability to explain it worthily or to render due praise to the Creator, to whom be all glory, honor and power forever. (BASIL THE GREAT – HEXAEMERON).

Made it to the middle of another interesting week, reaching for meaning in the reflections on the beauty of Creation. As I head down the other side of the hill of this week, holding on to the simple joy of walking down the hill talking to a monk after sharing Liturgy in a place where this chaos seems much more remote.

Glory to Thee, O God, Glory to Thee.